Εργαστηριακός Εκπαιδευτικός Εξοπλισμός / Educational Laboratory Equipment

Lab-Hellas Ltd. was established in 1993 as part of the Sangari Group of Companies which is active in  Greece since 1984 and is leading in the field of supplying innovative educational laboratory equipment mainly to Technical Schools of all levels, in collaboration with overseas manufacturing firms well recognized by the international Educational Community.

During these 30 years we have repeatedly and successfully equipped Laboratories in Universities, Technical Colleges, School Laboratory Centers, Vocational and Training Centers with educational tools that closely follow the scientific and technological developments, aiming always to the most comprehensive and global hands-on training of future Professionals through vivid, interactive courses.

Our long experience combined with our international contacts ensures the best quality and educational value of supplied equipment as well as of support services offered before and after sales.  Recently we have upgraded our ISO certification to the new standard 9001:2015.  The company is also a certified member of the Hellenic Recycling Agency.


Being a member of the Group of Companies we have been or still are active in Greece, Albania, Russia, Romania, USA, S. Africa, Iran, U.K., Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Mozambique and Pakistan markets equipping many technical laboratories in above Countries.